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30 - 31 January 2019

Zürich Marriott Hotel, Zürich

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Sqope S.A. is a global provider of high-quality intelligence reports on individuals and corporate entities, tailored to the needs of the financial sector. We maintain offices in Luxembourg (HQ) and Geneva, as well as a network across Asia, the CIS and the Middle East.

Sqope offers a full range of solutions that enable you to take bolder decisionsand identify new customers, partners or sectors, in a manner that is fully compliant with the rules and regulations (KYC/AML) that govern the financial industry.

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Headquartered in the heart of London and with nine offices worldwide, CS Global Partners is at the forefront of the citizenship and residence by investment industry. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals is dedicated to finding the best solution to the needs of global individuals seeking freedom of mobility, personal security, economic prosperity, and a healthier and happier lifestyle.

With its reputation for excellence, CS Global Partners was selected by the governments of Dominica, Grenada, and St. Kitts and Nevis to promote, develop, and safeguard the integrity of their citizenship by investment programmes.

Micha-Rose Emmett is the Group Managing Director of CS Global Partners, and is a dual-qualified attorney in the United Kingdom and South Africa with years of practice in the fields of citizenship, residence, immigration, and foreign investment law. Her team of multi-lingual professionals, fluent in over 12 languages, operate with absolute discretion, efficiency, and effectiveness – focusing on outstanding client service as the cornerstone of CS Global Partners’ success.

For more information on CS Global Partners and citizenship solutions, kindly visit

10 Dover Street



tel: +44 (0)20 7318 4343


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CIM Bank is one of the leading Swiss Private Banks based in Geneva, Lugano and Wollerau. From its three locations, the Bank provides services clients of more than 80 nationalities.

Our Private Bankers offer a personalised relationship and professional advice to clients, speaking and writing 12 different languages.

The Bank offers services like wealth management, multi-currency accounts, business accounts, international wire services, trading on stocks, bonds, forex exchange, online trading, credit cards, research and analysis.


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The Global Family Office Community exists to serve the needs of family offices. Our activities are for and driven by families and their family offices. Our community includes family offices from all continents. We bring together our global community of family offices to share ideas, learn, and meet with peers throughout the year at private events such as dinners, seminars and our flagship annual Global Family Office Conference. Online, we provide an information portal for family offices with a focus on news and research, recruitment, and directories. Please visit our website for further information at:

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The Association of International Wealth Management AIWM is a non-profit association established to encourage, promote and strengthen global education in the private banking industry and to set a globally recognised standard for the qualification of private banking professionals.

Private banking/wealth management is a fast growing and increasingly global industry. Serving today's wealth owners requires a thorough understanding of their individual needs and of the tools that can be applied to meet these needs. The Association of International Wealth Management (AIWM) was established to respond to the growing demand for sophisticated products and professional client service, to identify and meet the needs of wealth owners, and to assist in navigating the increasing regulation and general complexities of globalised financial markets.

The AIWM awards the Certified Wealth Manager (CWM®) and the Certified International Wealth Manager Diploma (CIWM®) and offers private banking professionals a platform for high-quality education, knowhow transfer and international networking.

The Association was founded in 2007 by AZEK, the training centre of the Swiss Financial Analysts Association. The Association is a development of the renowned Swiss Financial Analysts Association (SFAA). The AIWM now has more than 3,500 members including financial and investment fund analysts, asset managers, wealth managers and fund managers.

Based in Switzerland, with its Head Office located in Zurich, the AIWM operates on a global scale.

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Kommersant UK is the only Russian language newspaper focusing on business and politics in Great Britain. Published twice weekly, it is available in all good newsagents, Russian shops and via subscription. Originating in Russia, Kommersant was founded by Vladimir Yakovlev in 1988. Today it is one the five biggest media houses in Russia and one of only a handful to have UK representation. Its pages are enjoyed by thousands and reveal news and stories from the world of politics, business, economics, culture, sports, and society.

Today Kommersant UK delivers the most important and valuable information to the Russian speaking community in the UK, including legislation changes, specifics of business in Great Britain, all major social and business events, success stories and details of new companies founded or managed by Russian speaking residents.

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The European is a quarterly business publication, published by Chase Publishing in London. It is available in hard copy, digital format and is accessible at various trade fairs around the world. The publication has a syndicated news agreement with Thomson Reuters.

At its core, it is intended for decision makers around the globe, through a global distribution network in EMEA, LATAM, North America and Asia. It covers a broad spectrum of business affairs globally, including Energy, Banking and Finance, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Shipping, Aviation, Executive Education, Technology, Life Style and Business Travel.

The European takes its readers on a thought provoking and objective tour of business, political, geopolitical and cultural initiatives. Readers are provided with the key to success, portraits of achievement, expert advice and the analysis they need to make sense of the changes that are occurring within the world’s economic and political landscape.

The European gathers its news and opinion from leading sources and looks to contributing authors to share their experience in providing cutting-edge thought leadership and commentary at the most senior level. C-Suite executives and directors of many of the world’s leading companies comprise the primary audience for The European. It is thanks to this readership that the publication is so valued among the investment community. For several years,The European organises the Global Business, Banking Finance Awards, which rewards excellence in the global business community. The extensive promotion around the awards programme offers increased visibility through our extensive media channels.

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PAM Insight is an independent company dedicated exclusively to serving a broad and diverse community of professional wealth management organisations around the world (currently in over 50 jurisdictions), with innovative, market-leading and independent information products and services, delivered online, in print and face-to-face.

PAM Insight is the first and remains the leading provider of essential specialist news, analysis and comparative data for the fast-evolving world of international wealth management.

Established in 1997, today PAM Insight’s business publishes a growing range of innovative and market-leading information products, delivering 'must-have' information online, in print and face-to-face.

We are focused exclusively on meeting the changing needs of senior professionals in this important sector, through the timely delivery of concise, accurate and relevant information.

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The National Bank Journal  is the national scale business edition, devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.

The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.

Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s life and its activity in Russia and abroad.

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"Аналитический банковский журнал" признан лучшим изданием о банковском рынке, выходит при поддержке банковских ассоциаций и отметил в 2005 году 10-летний юбилей.

Журнал - постоянный участник и информационный спонсор важнейших выставок, конференций и форумов банковской и общеэкономической тематики в Москве, в регионах России, в странах СНГ и дальнем зарубежье.

"Аналитический банковский журнал" награжден почетным дипломом Ассоциации российских банков за большой вклад в развитие банковско-финансовой журналистики.

Сегодня "Аналитический банковский журнал" освещает не только специализированную банковскую и финансовую тематику, но и является популярным общеэкономическим изданием с акцентом на профессиональную аналитику, что наиболее востребовано всеми, кто хочет знать больше о банках.

В 2001 году "Аналитический банковский журнал" поддержал идею организации отраслевого банковского конкурса на звание лучшего менеджера и активно включился в его организацию. Сегодня - это самое объективное и популярное соревнование в профессиональном банковском сообществе. За значительные достижения в области банковского менеджмента победители конкурса "Менеджер года в банковской сфере" награждаются Дипломом и Памятным призом "Копилкой". Копия копилки выполнена на основе подлинного экспоната из коллекции Музея истории денег.

Повышается интерес к конкурсу не только российского, но и международного банковского сообщества. В рядах самых лучших из лучших в банковском деле становится все больше людей молодых. Смена поколений в финансово-банковской элите - добрый знак. Это означает что, и у банковской системы, и у нашей страны - прекрасное будущее.

Миссия журнала: помогать в осмыслении происходящих событий в экономике и на финансово-банковском рынке, быть источником идей и решений для лидеров бизнеса и частных инвесторов, способствовать развитию рынков.

Содержание журнала: передовые идеи, эффективные технологии управления, позиции представителей власти и бизнеса по самым актуальным проблемам экономического развития государства и финансовых рынков, политика законодательной и исполнительной власти в области регулирования финансовых рынков и банковской деятельности, дискуссии, аналитика, статистика, рейтинги, оценка ситуации на финансовых рынках, исследования, анализ рыночной конкуренции, мнения и комментарии экспертов, обзоры, практическая информация о деятельности и услугах банков, портреты экономических отраслей, советы частным инвесторам.

Целевая аудитория журнала: владельцы бизнеса; топ-менеджеры финансовых институтов, банков и компаний; государственные чиновники и законодатели; руководители предприятий и ВУЗов – люди, принимающие важные стратегические и тактические решения, частные инвесторы, интеллектуальная элита бизнеса и общества - все, кто хочет знать больше о банках.

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Family Office Magazine is a widely distributed and visually stunning magazine that is a premier gateway to the ultra-wealthy Family Office and HNWI Community.
This is the only Family Office" Magazine in the world that reaches the super rich Family Offices and High Net Worth Individuals - Some sample issues on their website - Their media Kit is here - - Email them

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