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3 - 4 March 2022

Zürich Marriott Hotel, Zürich

Russian Wealth Advisors Forum Blog


Christian Gattiker, CFA, CAIA,Head of Research & Investment Solutions

ON THE NEXT FINANCIAL CRISISAN ALIEN VIEW ON ECONOMICSAfter years of good stock market performance, some investors are daring the impossible: forecastingthe next financial crisis. While we share the view that financial crises will happen in the future just asthey have happened in the past, we think that a 2008-like meltdown or worse is quite unlikely anytimesoon, if history is any guide. Three out of four fundamental prerequisites for major meltdowns aresimplynot given at this stage. And taking the past 90 years as a reference, a minor financial shockshould not happen before 2019 and a major systemic crisis not before 2025, barring unprecedentedexternaldevelopments. The only thing that is for sure is that the next financial crisis will feel like theend of the world – as has every crisis so far. READ MORE>>

Russian Wealth Advisors Forum, организованный Adam Smith Conferences совместно с компанией Withers, прошел со 2 по 4 февраля в цюрихском Dolder Grand Hotel, который сам по себе является символом достижения финансового благополучия.